What is the HITRUST i1 Assessment?

The HITRUST Implemented One-Year (i1) Validated Assessment is a “best practices” assessment and recommended for situations that present moderate risk or where a baseline risk assessment is needed. The i1 is designed to provide higher levels of transparency, integrity, and reliability over existing moderate assurance reports, with comparable levels of time, effort, and cost. i1 assessments are validated by HITRUST Authorized External Assessors, such as Vicis Law.

Why would I want an i1 Assessment?

  • Provides a higher level of assurance to customers than a self-assessment and focuses on good security hygiene and testing security practices.
  • Provides complete coverage of NIST 800-171, the FTC/GLBA Safeguards Rule, a majority of the HIPAA Security Rule, and portions of the AICPA Trust Services Criteria.
  • A Validated i1 Assessment can lead to 1-year HITRUST Certification.

Comparing HITRUST Options

When will the i1 Assessment be available?

The HITRUST i1 Assessment will be available at the beginning of 2022.

How do I get started?

Please schedule a complimentary consultation with Vicis Law to start the i1 Assessment process.

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